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The aim of the Lab is to provide a safe environment in which you can explore a growing resource of questionnaires and ideas, aimed at helping you 'survive and thrive in an impossible world'.

You might have seen the show, read the book or just come across the website but, here, you will be able to explore what ideas and insights mean to you! Take our engaging questionnaires and quizzes to receive instant feedback, insightful analysis, and powerful next steps.

Crafted by award-winning psychologist Steve Carter and the Crossroads CT team, our tools are designed to empower you on your journey to a fulfilled life. Embrace the challenges, unlock your potential, and thrive like never before.

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The idea of the HTSAT Lab is to help you explore and 'play' with new ideas about yourself, and how you might approach life in a better way.

None of the questionnaires or quizzes provide definitive 'judgements' about you. You might be quite different to the way you have answered the questions.

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety, depression or deep negative thoughts at the moment, you can access Emotional First Aid or 1:1 online therapy via Therapy Finders.

In an emergency, contact the Samaritans on 116 123.

Wholeself Audit


Living life to the full.

Explore what 'thriving' might look like to you with the "Living Life to the Full" questionnaire – the Wholeself audit.

The idea of 'wholeself' recognises that we are not one thing or another but one thing and other. We want and need more from life than the relentless pursuit of someone else's goals. This questionnaire offers you an opportunity to reflect upon what is important to you and whether you feel those needs are being met.

Are you motivated to achieve, enjoy the present, fit in, rebel, be in control, help others succeed, care for others, and be cared for? Unravel the balance between these motivations and gain insights into what you may be missing to lead a more fulfilling life.

Take the questionnaire now and engage your wholeself with the world!

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Ready for the Road

  Coming soon!

Embrace the journey within: ready for the road?

Life's road is filled with twists and turns, tribulations, opportunities, setbacks, and happy accidents. Explore your beliefs about yourself and how they shape your perception and reactions to life's challenges.

Honesty is key as you assess to what extent you tend to believe in yourself or others. Gain valuable insights into your readiness for the road ahead and unlock the power to navigate life's ups and downs.

Take the questionnaire now and embark on a path of self-awareness and growth!

Coming very soon!